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Public procurement in the Slovak Republic for projects over EUR 20 million

Juraj Tkáč

All large state projects in the Slovak Republic are subject to the public procurement law. What are the Slovak specifics of large projects? To what aspects of slovak public procurement legislation should (not only) foreign applicants pay attention in order not to be excluded in Slovakia and to award the contract.

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Obsahová náplň

Training program

Publication of public contracts - what kind information are published in Slovak/European journal, what is a Slovak profile and what information are published in it, how to search in profile

Suitability to pursue the professional activity - authorizations to fulfill the contract, foreign registers vs. Slovak list of economic entities, range of documents in case of joint venture, prohibition of participation from 3rd countries

Economic and financial standing – turnover, insurance, declaration from banks, usage of 3th person

Technical and professional ability – references – 3 or 5 years, foreign references, proving machinery, experts – experience and education standards, prohibition of capacity chaining, ISO certificates

offer submission – when and how to scan offer documents, submission of bank guarantee, electronic offer signature, guaranteed electronic conversion, bilingual offer documents , various electronic bidding systems

Single European document – what is global data selection, submission of different documents as was filled in Single European document

Contract award notice – range of information published in notice, contract signature

How to defend – difference between request for correction and appeal – costs, time limits, merits, procedure

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13:00 - 15:00 - prednáška, diskusia

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Juraj Tkáč

Is an expert in public procurement and actually he holds the post  as President of the Union of Public Procurement Professionals. He is a co-author of the publications Law on Public Procurement – Commentary, Law on Public Procurement – Big Commentary, co-author of the publications Case law of the Court of Justice of the EU in matters of public…

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Juraj Tkáč



Juraj Tkáč

Školenie vám vieme pripraviť na mieru aj pre vašich zamestnancov a kolegov. Kontaktujte nás telefonicky na 0910 343 747 alebo e-mailom na

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